Joy Behar Spews Hilarious Conspiracy Theory: ‘Ms. Clinton Won!’

“The View” co-host Joy Behar offered her own twisted view of the 2016 presidential election that saw former President Donald Trump handily defeat ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Behar cited the well-worn trope that Clinton won the popular vote, saying, “I continue to believe that you won. I don’t care what they say.”

Behar began by heavily criticizing Trump and his supporters saying, “You know this country has a lot of problems. And the main one is named Donald Trump, okay? I can’t personally believe that this loser has so many people who still think that he could make a decent president. He’s been criminally charged with 91 counts. I mean he’s practically got one foot in jail and another on a banana peel. This guy. And they still say ‘Oh we still like him.’”

She then asked Clinton what she makes of that, to which the Democrat jokingly asked Behar if she had just written a play about that.

In full, the 81-year-old former comedienne turned talk-show co-host then went on to say, “Mrs. Clinton did win the popular vote. I continue to believe that you won I don’t care what they say.”

In her reply, Clinton remarkably compared



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