Josh Hawley Scorches Boeing CEO During Fiery House Hearing: 'You're PROUD?' – EVOL

Outgoing Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun faced intense bipartisan criticism over the company’s safety, transparency, and quality standards during Tuesday’s Senate hearing. Having concluded, the hearing was defined by sharp exchanges with Josh Hawley (R-MO), as well as other Senators.

Throughout the hearing, Calhoun was pressed on numerous issues, including the safety of Boeing’s aircraft and the company’s response to past tragedies. “Why haven’t you resigned?” Hawley began, cutting straight to the point.

“Senator, I’m sticking this through,” Calhoun said. “I’m proud of having taken the job. I’m proud of our safety record and I am very proud of our Boeing people.”

Hawley, visibly incredulous, shot back, “You’re proud of this safety record?”

“I am proud of every action we have taken,” Calhoun affirmed.

Hawley’s disbelief was palpable. “Every action you’ve taken?” he reiterated.

“Yes sir,” Calhoun confirmed.

“Behind you, you can’t see it, but the folks are showing pictures of the people who are the victims of your safety record,” explained Hawley. “I think we can all see them, and I think the American public, when they fear to get on their airplanes, they understand your safety record. And frankly, sir, I think it’s a travesty that you’re still in



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