Jerry Bruckheimer Provides Disappointing Update On ‘Top Gun 3’ – EVOL

Fans of the “Top Gun” franchise have been met with disappointing news after producer Jerry Bruckheimer suggested there may be a lengthy wait  before another film.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Bruckheimer stated that while a story has been discussed and ideas are in place, a script for a third franchise installment has not yet been written. “We’ve got some interesting ideas we’ve talked to Tom Cruise about, but we don’t have a script yet,” Bruckheimer said. “It will be a while.”

In May, Bruckheimer revealed that “Top Gun 3”is in its very early stages of development and that there is “ways to go” before the film will happen. “We had preliminary stuff,” Bruckheimer said at the time.“We’re not there yet. [There’s] ways to go.”

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While it may be awhile before another “Top Gun” installment, Bruckheimer has remained adamant that Tom Cruise will be a part of it.

“It will be Tom Cruise,” Bruckheimer said in March. “Tom is amazing. We spent time with him. We have a story. [Director] Joe Kosinski had a wonderful story idea for it, and he [Cruise] said, ‘I really like that’,



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