Jen Psaki Releases First Book Called ‘Say More’

President Biden’s former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is officially in full pundit mode after moving to a career in the corporate media.

She announced on her MSNBC show “Inside with Jen Psaki” last night that she will be releasing her first book on May 7th, 2023.

It will be called “Say More.”

Why not “Circle Back: How To Get Away With Being Unprepared For Everything”?

The book will be about her time working in politics, including stints for President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama, former Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry, and former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.


🚨 @jrpsaki announced her new book, “Say More: Lessons from Work, the White House, and the World,” out on May 7.#SayMore offers stories about how to be an effective communicator as Psaki reflects on her years on the campaign trail, in the State Department and The White House.

— MSNBC Public Relations (@MSNBCPR) October 31, 2023

Because MSNBC has started putting Psaki in primetime every Monday, it would appear that they are attempting to build this woman into some kind of brand. It is a very interesting strategy.

For the Biden Administration, having their most skilled propagandist



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