Jeff Bezos Pushes WEF’s Bug-Eating Agenda for Public

Billionaire Jeff Bezos is using his expensive media reach to push the public to comply with the World Economic Forum’s bug-eating agenda.

Bezos’ The Washington Post and other mainstream media outlets are ramping up pressure on the public to begin switching from traditional animal-based diets to exclusively insect-based diets in order to “save the planet.”

Corporate media outlets are promoting the switch to the WEF’s insect-based diet and are admitting that there won’t be much choice in the matter.

The WEF, and other globalist bodies, insist that the production of meat and dairy products is contributing to so-called “global boiling.”

By eliminating meat and dairy, the WEF can seize control of the food supply by replacing them with Bill Gates’ toxic lab-grown and insect-based products.

World Economic Forum SPACE 10
Mealworm Meatball
Bug Burgers
IKEA Is using Insects to replace meat and rethink your protein intake;
Thing is, humans are not biologically capable of eating insects.#wef2030agenda #WEF #IKEA #NWOAgenda2030 #NWO #insects

— SANTINO (@MichaelSCollura) February 28, 2023

Neon Nettle reports: Of course, the liberal corporate media is championing the scheme with a campaign to convince the public that they must eat bugs to “save the planet.”

The latest propaganda push comes from Democrat billionaire



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