Jack Smith’s Team Tries to Influence Court with New Photos Alleging Trump Stored Classified Documents in a “Haphazard Manner” at Mar-a-Lago – EVOL

As previously reported the FBI created a fake crime scene at Mar-a-Lago by adding their own documents to the scene and doctoring the photo they released in their report and to the press.

In its response, the DOJ included a document it claims was taken at Mar-a-Lago during its raid. The photo was all over the news on Wednesday, August 31, the day after it was provided to the court.

In the photo, the red, yellow, and brown cover sheets were added by the FBI. These cover sheets belong to the FBI. We know this for several reasons. The Trump White House did not use these cover sheets because they had their own.

The FBI inserted these to indicate that the “agency implementing regulations” – i.e. the DOJ – is involved in the maintenance of these records but this is not the case.

The President has the right to documents that are his. They are his property and an inserted document saying something different is simply not true.

Last month, Jack Smith admitted that the FBI tampered with the boxes containing “classified” documents they seized from Trump, and they can’t be certain about the original order or placement of



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