Hunter Juror Reveals EXACTLY What Led To His Conviction – EVOL

One of the twelve jurors who participated in the conviction of Hunter Biden on three felony charges related to an illegal firearm purchase has disclosed the factors that influenced their collective decision. As per the juror and fellow panel members, a crucial element in securing the conviction was a series of incriminating text messages exchanged between Hunter Biden and his sister-in-law.

The juror, who shared their insights with the New York Post, emphasized the significance of the messages between Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden, who happened to be the spouse of his deceased brother, Beau Biden. These messages shed light on Hunter’s mental state and circumstances at the time of the gun acquisition.

“[The text messages showed], in my opinion, he was training to get drugs,” said a juror.

During the trial, Hallie Biden was provided with a text message dated October 13, 2018, which occurred a day after Hunter Biden acquired the firearm. The content of the text suggested that Hunter was situated inside a vehicle, patiently awaiting the arrival of a crack dealer named Mookie. Hallie’s testimony affirmed her belief that Hunter intended to purchase crack cocaine. Furthermore, a text message received from Hunter the subsequent day



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