Hung out to dry: NYC spending millions to clean migrants’ laundry

This gives new meaning to money laundering.

New York City is shelling out millions of dollars to wash dirty clothes for migrants in local shelters — including a $1.1 million emergency cleaning contract awarded to Queens-based CRC Management Co. for people in shelters it runs that was revealed in city records Thursday.

The free laundry service for migrants is leaving New Yorkers hung out to dry, local leaders said.

“Taxpayers are being taken to the cleaners,” said Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella. “Here we are providing laundry services to people who arrived here last week?

“That’s a lot of dough to spend on laundry. We should be spending that money elsewhere. It’s one more reason the migrant crisis has to come to an end.”

While a total figure spent by the city on migrant laundry was not known, it’s at least in the eight-figure range, as earlier this year a $10.5 million cleaning contract was awarded by the Health+ Hospital agency to Sodexo Laundry Service.

Millions of dollars of additional spending on laundry services are tucked into other contracts.

A tent for laundry at a migrant shelter in Queens. The city has spent millions on washing dirty clothes



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