House Speaker Mike Johnson: ‘I Have No Personal Animus Against Joe Biden — No One Expects He Will Be on Cocaine’ – EVOL

On Tuesday’s episode of CNN’s “The Source,” Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) clarified that remarks about President Joe Biden using cocaine were made in “jest,” emphasizing that they weren’t meant to be taken seriously.

“I have no personal animus against Joe Biden. Of course, I respect the office and I’ve just acknowledged what everyone sees. We can’t help how we age. Everybody ages differently at a different pace,” Johnson said.

Host Kaitlan Collins said: “Some of the rhetoric is out of line where when people from Trump’s team are suggesting that, and Trump himself, that Biden is going to be on cocaine when he is on the debate stage Thursday night.”

Johnson continued: “Look, there’s a lot of things that are said in jest of course. No one expects that Joe Biden will be on cocaine.”

“But they do ask questions and I think their objective. I mean, I think it makes sense why people are asking will he be on some sort of energy drinks or something. Look, his energy levels, you can see are very dependent on what format he is in and what forum,” he added.

“We expect that he’ll do what he did



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