Globalists Panic, Warn ‘Rise of the Right Threatens to Kill’ WEF’s ‘Net Zero Ambitions’ – EVOL

Globalists are raising the alarm over fears that the growing popularity of right-wing parties is threatening to “kill” the green agenda.

As Slay News reported, recent elections in Europe have seen a historic surge toward right-wing, nationalist, and populist parties.

After getting crushed in the European Parliament elections, France’s far-left globalist President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the French parliament and called a snap election.

In addition, Belgium’s anti-Trump Prime Minister Alexander De Croo quit after his liberal party was trounced in local elections.

This uprising has triggered panic among globalists who now fear the green agenda will be shut down.

Surging right-wing parties will dismantle the World Economic Forum’s “Net Zero” agenda, Green politicians have said.

Nationalist forces will overturn European laws that force nations to comply with the WEF’s “Net Zero” targets, they said.

“For them, the next horizon, the next battle, is indeed to kill these green, woke policies,” said Philippe Lamberts, the co-president of the European Greens.

“Osmosis” with traditional right-wing parties was already weakening EU green laws, Lamberts said.

However, Lamberts fears the “rise of the Right” could impact new bills and reviews of existing “Net Zero” legislation.

Green parties dropped from the fourth-largest group in the European



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