Germany’s Energy Crisis: Berlin Police Prepare For Mass Rioting, Looting in Wake of Blackouts


Die Berliner Zeitung: Berlin “Police want to be prepared for the state of emergency.”

As Germany copes with a massive energy crisis, the police in the state of Berlin are preparing for large-scale looting and rioting in the wake of possible blackouts.

The Berlin Police have “secretly” drafted an “anti-chaos paper” outlining the measures needs to contain widespread public unrest and riots this winter, German newspaper Die Berliner Zeitung reported Friday.

The Berlin “police want to be prepared for the state of emergency,” the newspaper wrote citing a leaked internal document. According to the daily, the authorities were gearing up for “looting, unrest, and attacks on the critical infrastructure” if the electricity supply collapses.

The largest-selling German newspaper Bild also reported the contents of the leaked police document, describing it as “confidential.”