George Conway: Trump Will Have to ‘Liquidate Everything’ after New York Case

George Conway has gloated that he believes the New York civil fraud case will force President Donald Trump to “liquidate everything,” including his home.

Kellyanne Conway’s anti-Trump ex-husband made the comments Monday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Inside.”

“You’ve followed [Trump] a long time,” anchor Jen Psaki said to Conway.

“How do you think this is all impacting him, psychologically?”

During his response, Conway made several false claims about Trump that went unchecked by Psaki, who nodded along in agreement.

“Well, you can see it,” Conway responded to Psaki’s question.

“He’s making mistakes.

“He’s babbling incoherently even more than usual,” he claimed, without evidence.

“This is striking at the heart of his persona.

“He was the mogul, he was the mogul with ‘The Apprentice,’ and he’s been that in New York for 50 years.

“And now it’s coming crashing down,” he said about Trump, who is currently the frontrunner to win the presidency in 2024.

“He’s already been found to have committed fraud, that his books and records, that his statements of financial condition are false,” Conway continued.

“And the judge has already ruled that there was no triable issue of fact on whether or not they were false.




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