Former Democrat Donor Switches Sides, Will Be Supporting Former President Trump In November – EVOL

Former Democrat donor Jacob Helberg told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that he will be supporting former President Trump in November due to President Biden’s “radical progressive” policies.

Bartiromo pointed to Trump’s recent successful fundraising trip to California, which included multiple fundraisers in Silicon Valley. “Deep blue turning red as the tide turns. Trump in Silicon Valley, members of California’s starkly liberal technology community turning out to support the from the prison the massive fundraiser last week in the Trump campaign, raking in $12 million at the event,” she said before nothing that Helberg was present.

“You were once a prominent Democrat donor and gave to Biden in his last presidential campaign, but you were there this week supporting President Trump. What happened?” the Fox News host followed up.

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“Part of what we have seen over the last four years I came from a one-party state and like a lot of people in California and in Silicon Valley, I saw the Democratic Party get hijacked by the Squad and woke theology,” Helberg said “President Biden campaigned as a moderate and ultimately has governed as a radical progressive. He has spent all of his time catering to his base, and ultimately, he is now completely out of



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