First Lady Jill Biden Shamelessly Claims: ‘Joe Is a Healthy, Wise 81-Year-Old’ – EVOL

First Lady Jill Biden is advocating for her husband on the campaign trail, telling voters that President Joe Biden, at 81, is “healthy and wise” and emphasizing that “age is a gift.”

“This isn’t just about stopping an extremist, and this election is most certainly not about age,” Dr. Jill Biden said Thursday at a Green Bay, Wisconsin, event.

“Joe and that other guy are essentially the same age. Let’s not be fooled. But what this election is about, it’s about the character of the person leading our country,” she added.

During her stops in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Nevada, and Arizona, First Lady Jill Biden is launching “Seniors for Biden,” a campaign initiative targeting voters aged 65 and over.

“Joe Biden is a healthy, wise 81-year-old ready and willing to work for you every day to make our future better,” she said. “Joe isn’t one of the most effective presidents of our lives in spite of his age but because of it.”

Joe Biden’s mental health has come under heightened scrutiny recently, due to multiple incidents where he appeared disoriented, faced the wrong direction, or wandered off in public.

In Green Bay, Jill Biden argued that the “woman I



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