Fauci: ‘Unfair’ to Judge Biden’s Mental Fitness from Debate – EVOL

Dr. Anthony Fauci has weighed on the controversy surrounding Democrat President Joe Biden’s obviously degraded mental and physical state.

After last week’s disastrous debate with President Donald Trump, even Democrats and their corporate media allies are now calling for Biden to step down.

The American people saw with their own eyes that Biden is not fit to be running the country and realized that he probably isn’t in charge.

However, Fauci is now insisting that it’s “unfair” to judge Biden’s health after it was exposed on live TV during the debate.

83-year-old Fauci, a longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), spoke about the issue on “The Takeout” podcast.

CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett asked Fauci if there was anything that would “medically alarm” him based on what he saw during the debate.

Fauci, who served as Biden’s medical advisor before retiring at the end of 2022, demurred, noting that he thought it would be “inappropriate” to say.

Looking at someone on a “one-shot basis” leaves too much room for unknowns, Fauci explained.

He claimed those unknowns include questions about whether Biden had a “bad cold” or did he “take an antihistamine to make



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