Exclusive: Biden's Green Energy Agenda Would Make Military Reliant on China – EVOL

The Biden administration’s aggressive push to transition to alternative green energy is leaving the U.S. military dependent on its top adversary, China, which would be disastrous in an event of a war with the country, according to a study by the Heritage Foundation publishing on Thursday and obtained first by Breitbart News.

The study, entitled “Chinese Handcuffs: Don’t Allow the U.S. Military to Be Hooked on Green Energy from China,” is the second part in a series researching the perils of over reliance on Chinese renewable energy and a “misguided” environmental agenda.

The top takeaways of the study, authored by Heritage Foundation Senior Research Fellow for Naval Warfare and Advanced Technology Brent Sadler, are:

— Due to a heavy reliance on foreign sources, poor policy choices, and constrained transport of fuels, the U.S. military could be vulnerable to potential localized fuel shortages and Chinese economic coercion.

— In a war where China is likely to use all means to slow or cut U.S. domestic fuel transport, including cyber, the federal strategic petroleum reserve’s locations could be cut off from where the fuel is most needed.

— The American industry must be freed from the distraction of Environmental, Social, and Governance



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