Europe Secretly Preparing for Coming Global Famine – EVOL

The governments of European Union (EU) nations have been secretly preparing for a coming global famine.

As of right now, EU governments have begun conducting major food crisis war games simulations that predict serious food supply and logistics problems as soon as this year going into next year.

The continent is preparing for a food supply that doesn’t include meat or dairy products as officials expect the farming industry to soon be eliminated.

Besides the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on grain supplies, weather events like El Niño and La Niña and their impact on Latin American soy production are part of the simulations.

The farmer-tractor protests across Europe are also included in the simulation mix.

Another major component of the EU’s food crisis war games is the impact that a major pandemic, real or otherwise, can have on supply chains, i.e., what the world endured as a result of the COVID-19 “pandemic.”

Last month in Brussels, a conference was held that envisioned a serious food shortage crisis in Europe this year.

Some 60 EU and government officials, food security experts, and industry representatives converged for two days to confront the very real possibility of a major food crisis event unfolding



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