Elon Musk: ‘America Is Doomed’ without an Election ‘Red Wave This November’ – EVOL

X boss Elon Musk has issued a warning to the American people about the critical nature of this year’s looming elections.

Musk warned that “America is doomed” unless there is an election “red wave this November.”

The tech entrepreneur sounded the alarm over the impact of endless illegal immigration and other issues that are destroying teh country.

Specifically honing in on the presidential election in November, Musk noted that “four more years” of Democrat President Joe Biden in the White House will only lead to these issues “getting worse.”

Musk made the comment in response to a video shared on X.

The video shows a New Yorker highlighting the illegal migrant crisis in the “sanctuary city.”

The woman explains how illegal immigration under Biden has transformed NYC into a haven of crime and degeneracy with no law enforcement to protect citizens.

She said illegal aliens living next door to her “piss on [her] door.”

She said that she could tell that “they’re gang lords.”

“They’re tattooed head to toe, the people pissing on my door,” she said.

“And then there’s no law against illegal migrants committing crimes.

“So again, it’s lawlessness.”

“I’ve lived here for 50 years and this



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