Doctors Now Prioritizing ‘Climate Change’ over Patients’ Health

According to a world-renowned medical journal, doctors are now prioritizing “climate change” over their own patients’ health.

The peer-reviewed British Medical Journal (BMJ) published an editorial calling on doctors around the world to shift their professional focus.

The BMJ wants all medical professional to redirect their focus away from patient care and onto climate change.

According to the journal, doctors everywhere are already on board with the radical agenda.

Just ahead of the COP26 gathering in Glasgow back in 2021, the BMJ op-ed was released to seed the medical profession with the myth that caring for patients contributes significantly to “greenhouse gas emissions,” the suggestion being that patients should simply be allowed to die in order to “save the planet.”

Only if “health professionals” can learn how to reduce “overdiagnosis” and “overtreatment” can the medical profession at large adapt to a changing climate, the editorial claims, suggesting that letting more patients die will help to “cool” the planet and prevent it from “warming.”

“Let’s get this straight: The medical establishment wants to cut back on diagnosing cancer early in order to save Big Ben from disappearing under 100-foot waves a week on Wednesday,” writes Vernon Coleman about the ridiculousness of the editorial’s



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