Democrats Seek To Rescue The Biden Campaign In New Hampshire With Write-In Effort

Backers of President Biden have launched a write-in campaign in New Hampshire in an effort to salvage the state after the Biden was left off the Democrat primary ballot. The Biden Campaign successfully lobbied the Democratic National Committee to change the party’s primary calendar in order to begin with South Carolina, though the New Hampshire Democrat Party has refused to get on board. As a result, Joe Biden was left off the ballot, potentially leaving the door open to a successful primary challenge.

On Monday, Biden’s backers in the Granite State launched a write-in ballot effort on his behalf.

“The fate of our democracy itself hangs in the balance in the 2024 election,” reads Write In Biden’s website. The campaign describes itself as a “grassroots effort led by dozens of citizens across the state who are committed to standing up for our democracy against MAGA extremism.”

The group’s website stresses that neither the official Biden re-election campaign nor the New Hampshire Democratic Party are involved with the effort. Write In Biden has received endorsements from dozens of Democrat state senators, representatives, judges and other political figures, however.

“The fight for our democracy starts here and now, and New Hampshire will



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