Democrat Judge Denies Trump’s Pre-Trial Motions In New York Criminal Case, Hands Big Win to DA Alvin Bragg – EVOL

A Democrat judge in New York has just handed a big win to George Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg by denying almost all of President Donald Trump’s pre-trial motions.

Trump’s criminal trial in New York is slated to begin next month after a temporary delay.

The case, based on charges of alleged falsification of business records, and how that eventual trial will play out is beginning to take shape.

Presiding Judge Juan Merchan, who has donated to Democrats and President Joe Biden’s election campaign, issued two separate orders on the case.

The orders included his decisions on a host of pre-trial motions submitted by both the defense and prosecutors.

However, the overwhelming majority of those decisions were in favor of the Democrat prosecutors, according to The Hill.

Merchan, who also previously worked in the Manhattan DA’s office before becoming a judge, granted almost all of Bragg’s requests.

The bulk of those motions from both sides dealt with could and could not be submitted as evidence during the trial.

It was clear from Merchan’s rulings that Trump will face a decided disadvantage in that regard.

Judge Merchan first issued a nine-page order to address Trump’s motions.

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