Dem Gov. Katie Hobbs May Have Violated Law After Boasting About Tax Credit She Didn’t Want

Democratic Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs appears to be trying to take undue credit for a tax rebate being sent to taxpayers even though she not only opposed the implementation of the credit in the first place, but is also apparently taking an end run around a provision that specifically prevents her office from taking credit for giving citizens the rebate.

Hobbs’ administration recently sent out a short press release to Arizona taxpayers on Tuesday claiming that “Governor Hobbs puts money back into Arizonan’s pockets” and hinted that the $750 rebate for families with dependent children was a result of her efforts.

“Today, Governor Katie Hobbs officially announced the deployment of the Arizona Families Tax Rebate, which will put money back in the pockets of nearly 750,000 Arizona families. The first rebate of its kind, these funds were made possible by Governor Hobbs’ bipartisan budget, which received supermajority support in both chambers. Eligible families will have an opportunity to receive up to $750 in tax rebates. Governor Hobbs also launched a website where Arizonans can check their rebate status,” the Tuesday press release states.

“As someone who at times relied on assistance to get by, I know that every penny counts,”



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