DC Mayor Calls in National Guard for March for Israel

National Guard troops are expected on the scene of a planned pro-Israel demonstration in Washington.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced in a Monday news conference that the service members would assist the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department during Tuesday’s March for Israel, according to The Hill.

Bowser didn’t point to any specific public safety threat that would justify activation of the National Guard, although she indicated authorities were expecting tens of thousands to participate.

“We expect a large gathering,” she said.

Demonstrators are expected to arrive on buses from across the country to participate.

“We are paying attention to numbers of buses that are coming … I think we can expect in the tens of thousands of people,” Bowser said.

Guard members will assist in ensuring an orderly flow of traffic and pedestrians, according to WTTG-TV in Washington.

Department of Homeland Security officials are eyeing the event as a potential target for terrorism.

The rally has been designated a “Level 1” security event in the eyes of the agency — a categorization that puts it on par with the Super Bowl, according to ABC News.

According to the DHS, the designation requires “significant national and/or international importance that it may require extensive



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