Covid Shots Caused Surge in Sudden Cardiac Deaths Among Pilots, Study Finds – EVOL

A bombshell new study has confirmed that the surge in sudden cardiac-related deaths among pilots over the last three years was caused by Covid mRNA shots.

The study was led by an eminent Board Certified Endocrinologist Dr. Julian Yin Vieira Borges.

Borges, who is also board-certified in medical nutrition research, conducted a systematic review of peer-reviewed literature, international aviation databases, and pilot associations in order to identify the cause of the surge in sudden deaths.

The team of Brazilian researchers analyzed the relevant data involving sudden cardiac death (SCD) among aviation pilots.

The analysis focused on trends in SCD prevalence, risk factors, prevention strategies, and recent findings.

During the study, the team investigated the potential impact of COVID-19, the role of mRNA injections, and important biomarkers to screen for predisposition.

The author of this study bravely raises the reality that the Covid mRNA shots are directly linked to cardiovascular concerns such as myocarditis and SCD.

The study’s paper was uploaded to the preprint medical journal medRxiv.

As Slay News has long reported, SCD threatens flight safety which of course can lead to tragic outcomes.

Sudden cardiac deaths are an ongoing threat to pilots and the leading cause of pilot mortality



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