CNN Legal Expert Slams Willis Ruling: This Would Be ‘Career-Ender For A Normal Prosecutor’ – EVOL

Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling against Fani Willis is “not a good look” for the district attorney’s office and amounts to a major gift for the defense, CNN legal analyst Michael Moore said Friday.

McAfee declined to disqualify Willis from the case, but declared she or special prosecutor Nathan Wade must step down from the case to resolve an “appearance of impropriety” related to an alleged financial conflict of interest. The judge’s decision reflects poorly on the prosecution and Willis will likely face more legal pushback, Moore said on “CNN News Central.”

“This was a self-inflicted wound that should have been healed and taken care of months ago,” Moore said. “But basically they just let it get infected now to this place where the district attorney has been called by a court that she has to practice in front of and her office has to practice in front of, she’s been called now unprofessional. And this frankly  … is a gift to the defense, I believe, as they will use this as they talk about whether or not the case has merit or whether or not it was brought for other reasons, whether or not it’s a professional prosecutor and all that. We’re going to hear all



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