Catholic MAGA Family Faces Continuous FBI Harassment Due to Support for President Trump – EVOL

Since the 2020 election, Chaldean Americans, also known as Chaldean Catholics, have faced targeting, persecution, and harassment from the FBI because of their support of President Donald Trump.

Zina Toma, a well-known advocate for Chaldean Catholics and supporter of Trump, has revealed three years of harassment, including threats, unauthorized recordings, and entrapment attempts by an FBI informant.

Community leaders allege that the FBI initiated a program through its Detroit office aimed at intimidating and targeting activists such as Ms. Toma because of their political beliefs.

As previously reported under Chris Wray’s leadership, the FBI is infiltrating Catholic parishes. FBI agents are reaching out to Catholic leaders to gather intelligence on Americans practicing their Christian beliefs.

The FBI under Chris Wray circulated a memo cautioning agents about the growing influence of dangerous ‘radical traditionalist Catholic ideology’. Former FBI special agent Kyle Seraphin posted the memo on

In 2022, Seraphin was indefinitely suspended without pay from the FBI after coming forward as a whistleblower, claiming that the bureau is attempting to conceal the extent of man-hours allocated to the January 6th investigation. Seraphin had been employed at the FBI’s Richmond office for six years.

Ms. Toma claims that the FBI



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