Canada passes bill to tackle “environmental racism” – EVOL

Leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May, said she’s thrilled that her bill that seeks to tackle “environmental racism” in Canada has passed.

Canada passes bill to tackle “environmental racism” 

Speaking in the House of Commons, May flaunted her private member’s bill confronting “environmental justice” and “environmental racism,” noting the legislation has cleared its final step, and is now merely pending royal assent. 

May also said that Canada has been facing environmental racism for “decades,” and that she’s “extremely pleased” to provide security for minority groups and people of colour. 

She further said the bill creates an obligation for the Minister of Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, to bring forward a national strategy to confront the racist weather. 

“Taking action is now required of the Minister, but the bill couldn’t dictate exactly what kinds of action we will take… there’s a lot more work to do,” May commented. 

What is Environmental Racism?

Some Canadians are expressing confusion over what environmental racism is, calling May’s speech absurd and a distraction from genuine concerns. 

Please tell me WTF Environmental Racism is?

How does this relate to having traitors in our government?

— Donna Smith (@smith14536986) June 17, 2024

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