BREAKING: Vivek Confirms He Will Be In Attendance At Thursday Night's Debate! – EVOL

This is a breaking news alert!

President Trump revealed earlier this week that his VP choice will be in attendance at Thursday night’s big debate.

So speculation has been swirling about who it will be, and whether we will get the full announcement on Thursday night or just a whittling of the field to those confirmed to be in attendance.

My initial top choice was Kari Lake.

She seems cut from the same cloth, a Trump 2.0.

But she never seemed to be in the running, focusing instead on her Senate Race.

And boy will she be an asset in the Senate!

So then we looked at the rest of the field and I honestly don’t see a lot of people I like, at least not for VP.

I see plenty of fine Republicans, but no one that has that same DNA as Trump and Lake…..except and until Vivek came along.

Initially I was not sold, he was saying all the right things but he felt like Obama 2.0.

But then the more we learned about him, the more I started to really like him.

And it wasn’t just what he said, it was what he DID.

He was a



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