BREAKING: Judge OVERTURNS Bridgeport, CT mayoral primary election after Democrat clerk busted for ballot stuffing

Connecticut Judge William Clark overturned the results of Bridgeport’s Democratic mayoral primary on Wednesday after a video emerged showing a supporter of current Mayor Joe Ganim allegedly stuffing ballots into an absentee ballot drop box.

The videos, Clark said, “are shocking to the court and should be shocking to all the parties.” 

“Clark ordered the parties to confer with each other, and with election officials, within 10 days to discuss scheduling a new primary,” Connecticut Public reported.

This is mere days before the November 7 election day. Clark overturned the results, saying that these allegations were enough to throw out the primary results. In that Sept. 12 primary, incumbent Ganim won by 251 votes out of a total 8,173 cast, per Connecticut Public.

What really sealed the deal for Clark, however, is that Ganim’s win was secure by absentee ballots in his favor.

“The volume of ballots so mishandled is such that it calls the result of the primary election into serious doubt and leaves the court unable to determine the legitimate result of the primary,” Clark said in a ruling. 

The surveillance video was obtained by Ganim’s opposition candidate John Gomes. The Gomes campaign sued the city and demanded the results be



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