BREAKING: Damning New Biden Financial Records Lead Directly To China

U.S. President Joe Biden has been shown to have benefited from his family’s illicit business deals with CCP-connected Chinese businessmen, according to new financial disclosures provided by the House Oversight Committee.

The Wall Street Journal laid out the known facts of the startling revelations.

“According to the committee’s latest bank records memo, the first check was written to Joe Biden on September the third, 2017 after a series of complicated financial transactions. The memo alleges that earlier that same year, hunter Biden and his business associates forged a venture with CEFC, an energy company with connections to the Chinese government, which obliged it to contribute a $10 million capital payment when the money didn’t arrive.”

House Republicans who are spearheading an impeachment inquiry against President Biden are closely examining these financial transactions between Joe Biden and his brother James Biden.

This scrutiny is part of a wider investigation into the commercial dealings of the Biden family, with a specific focus on determining if the president has derived personal benefits from political influence-peddling, which has potentially compromised his administration.

The financial records, which were subpoenaed by the Republican staff of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, reveal that Joe Biden got



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