Bill Gates Pushes 'Synthetic Butter' for 'General Public Consumption' – EVOL

Billionaire Bill Gates has just announced the launch of his new “synthetic butter” which he claims will help stop the so-called “climate crisis” if the fake “food” is consumed by the “general public.”

Gates has invested millions of dollars into “Savor” – the company that produces the “synthetic butter.”

According to Gates, if governments around the world “remove” all animal-derived products from the food supply, they could “save the planet” from “global warming” by replacing butter with his new chemical-based “alternative.”

The Microsoft co-founder is not stopping at butter, however.

He’s also looking to replace everything where animal fat is an ingredient.

Gates has just released a new video where he claims to be eating products made from his fake butter.


Who’s Ready for some Bill Gates Butter?

In an effort to battle “Climate Change”, Bill Gates has invested in a company called “Savor”…

Savor aims to replace God-given animal-based butter with synthetic butter…

The news comes amid the mounting war on the American food supply.

Globalists are continuing to demonize our vital farmers as they seek to seize control of



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