Bill Gates Gives Robots a Smiling Face with Living Human Skin – EVOL

Billionaire Bill Gates has developed a method of using living human skin cells to create a “synthetic smiling face” for robots powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The synthetic skin is created using human cells and ligaments and allows robots to show “emotion” through facial expressions.

The creepy smiling face was developed by Bill Gates-funded scientists at Harvard University.

Scientists are using living human skin as a building material to create faces for robots that would enable them to show emotions.

Unnerving video footage shows the skin attached to a robot prototype forcing a pink lifeless blob with eyes to suddenly light up with a smile.


Welcome to the creepy future: A smiling face made from living human skin cells to give robots the ability to show emotion. This is just wrong.

— Clown World ™ 🤡 (@ClownWorld_) June 26, 2024 has more:

“The living tissue is a cultured mix of human skin cells grown in a collagen scaffold and placed on top of a 3D-printed resin base.

“Unlike previous similar experiments, the skin also contains the equivalent of the ligaments that, in humans and other animals, are buried in the layer of tissue beneath the skin,



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