Biden’s Ghostwriter Admits Deleting Audio Files to Block Special Counsel Investigation – EVOL

Democrat President Joe Biden’s ghostwriter has admitted to deleting audio files to prevent special counsel investigators from reviewing the recordings.

Writer Mark Zwonitzer admitted to the FBI last year that he deleted numerous audio files of interviews he had with Biden.

According to a transcript that has recently been unsealed, Zwonitzer revealed that the special counsel investigation influenced him to erase the recordings to protect Biden.

As Zwonitzer learned about the special counsel investigation, he apparently reflected on sessions he had with Biden.

During those sessions, Biden shared classified documents with Zwonitzer.

Worried Biden would get in trouble for doing so, Zwonitzer decided to delete the recordings when he learned of the special counsel investigation.

Zwonitzer was helping Biden write a memoir, “Promise Me, Dad,” when the recordings were made.

Special Counsel Robert Hur apparently considered criminal charges against Zwonitzer for deleting the recordings.

Hur noted that the files held “significant evidentiary value.”

However, the special counsel ultimately decided not to charge him.

This is even though Zwonitzer admitted that at least some of the reasoning behind his decision to delete the recordings was to get rid of possible evidence against Biden.

Zwonitzer said he was “was aware of the



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