Biden’s Efforts to Smear Trump as ‘Convicted Felon’ Now Undermined by Presence of Hunter as Advisor – EVOL

Democrat President Joe Biden’s move to bring his convicted felon son Hunter in as an advisor may cost him dearly on the campaign trail.

For months, Biden and the Democrats were waiting for President Donald Trump to be found guilty in his “hush money” case so they could roll out the “convicted felon” attack line.

However, following Hunter Biden’s own recent convicted on gun charges, the president’s son is now also a “convicted felon.”

The matter has now been further complicated by reports that Hunter Biden is closely advising his father to stay in the presidential race.

This move will now hurt the president’s ability to deride Trump’s criminal record on the campaign trail.

Commenting on the situation, Mike Howell, the executive director of the Oversight Project at the Heritage Foundation, said:

“All Americans should be highly concerned that at a time where international tensions are on the rise, particularly with the CCP, the Biden family bag man is now in the White House.

“Given that this administration appears to be on its last legs, I fear that a lot of requested favors from foreigners that have leverage over Biden are being considered while he still has power,” Howell said.



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