Biden, Trump continue march to rematch in dominant Louisiana presidential primary wins – EVOL

Democratic President Joe Biden and former Republican President Donald Trump each posted dominant presidential party primary wins Saturday in Louisiana on their inevitable march to a rematch in November.

Biden finished first in the Democratic primary with 87% of the early vote, while Trump won the Republican primary with 90% of the early vote.

Both Biden and Trump were already considered their parties’ presumptive nominees before Louisiana’s primary with each having secured the delegates needed to earn their respective nominations.

The real drama will come Nov. 5 in their general election rematch showdown in a race most polls suggest will be too close to call until after the polls close on Election Day.

That isn’t expected to be the case in their head-to-head general election showdown in Louisiana, where polls suggest Trump enjoys huge popularity.

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Voters in Louisiana gave Trump landslide support in both of his previous presidential elections in which he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Biden in 2020 with Trump tallying 58% in both races.

Prominent Louisiana pollster John Couvillon said Trump could even improve on his next performance in Louisiana next



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