Biden Triggers More Democrat Panic with ‘Joke’ about Brain Damage – EVOL

President Joe Biden appears to have added to the fears about his fitness for office while trying to reassure top Democrats.

During a meeting with Democrat governors, Biden told a “joke” about being unsure whether he might have brain damage.

However, the comments about his health came a little too close to the truth.

In response to a question from Hawaii’s Democrat Governor Josh Green, Biden reportedly said, “I’m fine — I don’t know about my brain, though.”

Biden has long been known to use self-deprecating humor throughout his political career.

However, this latest joke will do little to stead the ship as Democrats panic over Biden’s re-election odds following his debate debacle last week.

Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said Biden was “clearly making a joke and then said, ‘All kidding aside.’”

However, at least one governor at the meeting was “puzzled” by Biden’s comment, the New York Times reported.

Later, Gov. Green defended Biden on CNN.

In response to the panic about Biden, Green urged Democrats to “lighten up.”

Green, a doctor, said Biden’s ability to make jokes is proof that he is not in cognitive decline – hardly a ringing endorsement of his fitness.

“Biden was just kidding



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