Biden Insiders Admit 'Scary' Situation Is Developing Within the Campaign: Report – EVOL

Few things are more generally harmful in politics than living in an echo chamber.

It’s harmful to the constituents being ignored, it’s harmful to the development of diverse ideas, and it’s harmful to the ongoing toxic political landscape.

It’s also harmful to 81-year-old incumbent presidents facing an uphill battle for re-election — but the team most closely surrounding President Joe Biden doesn’t appear to be aware of that, according to a new report.

Simply titled “Top Dems: Biden has losing strategy,” the blistering report from Axios chronicled concerned Democrats who were — intentionally or not — painting Biden as old and horrifically out of touch, particularly with matters regarding his chief political rival and presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump, with his closest allies doing nothing but enabling that foolish behavior.

The key issue, per Axios: “Senior Democrats, including some of President Biden’s aides, are increasingly dubious about his theory for victory in November, which relies on voter concerns about Jan. 6, political violence, democracy and Donald Trump’s character.”


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