Appeals Court Hands Biden Small Victory by Backing Student Debt Plan – EVOL

An appeals court has given the green light to Democrat President Joe Biden’s plan to pay off the student loan debts of college-educated voters using taxpayer money.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit handed Biden a small victory to tout on the campaign trail as Democrats question his political future.

The whiplash ruling came only days after two federal judges blocked aspects of Biden’s plan, called SAVE.

The income-based repayment plan lowers monthly payments for borrowers depending on income level.

The poorest pay as little as $0.

This is the second time Biden has tried to fulfill a 2020 campaign promise to pay off student loans.

His first effort was blocked by the Supreme Court last summer.

The Biden administration has touted SAVE as the most affordable income-driven repayment plan ever.

The plan allows borrowers with loans smaller than $12,000 to have their loans forgiven after 10 years of payments.

SAVE also offers a faster timeline than the 20 to 25 years that income-based plans typically require.

In addition, the scheme reduces payments to 5% of discretionary income for the majority of borrowers.

Last week, a pair of federal judges in Missouri and Kansas blocked aspects of



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