Anti-Trump ‘The View’ Co-Host Sunny Hostin Admits Kamala Harris Wouldn’t Win in November – EVOL

While contemplating the prospect of President Joe Biden being replaced on the Democrats’ 2024 ticket, Sunny Hostin told her fellow co-hosts on “The View” that VP Kamala Harris wouldn’t be able to win the November election.

During Monday’s broadcast of the ABC show, Hostin admitted that she is “uncomfortable” with the idea of running Harris against President Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump Hostin and her co-hosts claimed that Harris is “presidential.”

However, they argue that they do not trust Americans to elect a black woman over Trump.

As evidence, they cited the 2016 election when Trump defeated twice-failed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, a white woman.

“Kamala Harris, as Ana [Navarro] said, is prepared, she’s ready, she’s presidential,” Hostin said.

“So if he [Biden] cannot complete a four-year term, we know that we are protected.

“I will say this. I am uncomfortable with him stepping down because I don’t know if this country will vote for a black woman.

“If this country could not vote for Hillary Clinton, one of the most decorated and successful politicians and people in the world, I don’t know that Kamala Harris can beat a convicted felon.”

Hostin accused Republicans of being afraid of Harris.

She then falsely



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