‘Anti-Racist’ Professor: Marriage Promotes ‘White Supremacy’ – EVOL

A radical “anti-racist” university professor has declared that marriage promotes so-called “white supremacy.”

According to Professor Bethany Letiecq, of George Mason University, “marriage fundamentalism” promotes the ideas of “white supremacy.”

Prof. Letiecq, who is white, wrote in the Journal of Marriage and Family about her theory.

The leftist professor argues “that marriage fundamentalism, like structural racism, is a key structuring element of white heteropatriarchal supremacy.”

“Marriage fundamentalism can be understood as an ideological and cultural phenomenon, where adherents espouse the superiority of the two-parent married family,” she wrote.

“But it is also a hidden or unacknowledged structural mechanism of white heteropatriarchal family supremacy that is essential to the reproduction and maintenance of family inequality in the United States.”

Letiecq is an associate professor in the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University.

She specializes “in the utilization of community-based participatory action research approaches, anti-racist research methods,” according to her biography.

The professor explained in the article that she is “a white, cisgender woman … currently living with my partner and co-raising our children in a committed heterosexual union outside the institution of marriage.”

“Cisgender” is a term used by leftists to describe a person who “identifies” with



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