America’s Meat Industry Begins Shift to Insect-Based ‘Foods’

America’s meat industry is now making a major shift away from traditional products to focus heavily on insect-based “foods.”

The largest poultry and meat producer in the United States is delving into so-called “insect proteins.”

Tyson Foods, known mostly for its chicken, beef, and pork products, is partnering with a Dutch firm called Protix.

Protix raises bugs to convert and manufacture their “proteins” into “food,” first in animal feed and eventually in “food” for the human population.

The news comes as the globalist organization the World Economic Forum (WEF) demands that the general public must switch to eating insects to “save the planet” from “climate change.”

According to a company announcement, Tyson has agreed to build a giant bug processing and manufacturing facility in the United States with Protix’s help.

The facility will mass-produce insects for the American market in order to “reduce the burden on the planet.”

The new Tyson factory will manufacture what are known as black soldier flies as food.

These flies will be fed the feces from other animals – flies love poop, after all – bulking them up so they can then be ground up and turned into “food” for poultry, fish, and even



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