Adult Film Actress Stormy Daniels: ‘Every Trump Supporter Is Like a Suicide Bomber’ – EVOL

Adult film star Stormy Daniels asserted Thursday on ABC’s “The View” that supporters of former President Donald Trump who threatened her were “like suicide bombers.”

During a panel discussion on the upcoming hush money trial in New York, co-host Joy Behar said: “Over the course of the scandal, you have been threatened and targeted with death threats and worried about your daughter when I watched the film, you know and now the threats have gone up tenfold.”

“Even Michael Cohen is warning you to be careful. He’s concerned about your safety. So tell me about that. Are you worried too or is it worse?”

Daniels replied: “It’s different. So, in the past, you know, the first time around there was more, like the frequency and the amount was a lot more. It was more, you know, superficial just like calling me names, mostly associated with my job or that I was just a gold digger or somehow profiting off of all this. Which pause for a second, you don’t get paid to be in a documentary, people. like, I did this movie and I didn’t get paid.”

“Initially it was about, ‘Oh, she’s just out for the money or



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