Adam Kinzinger: ‘Trump’s Brain Is Broken’ – EVOL

On Wednesday’s “Newsroom,” CNN commentator Adam Kinzinger stated that former President Donald Trump’s brain was “broken.”

Host Jim Acosta began: “We’re hearing about so-called cheap fakes. It’s playing out on right-wing media, Fox, the New York Post, and so on. And all of this is to try to make the case that Biden is slipping, he’s confused, and so on. Of course, Trump is no spring chicken, and every time Trump lately seems to be talking about Biden’s mental acuity, Trump has a glitch or a slip-up himself.”

“One of the things there that he did yesterday, and it was a little bit in that clip, he was Trump was calling, cheap fakes, clean fakes. And so he’s just botching the language there. The other day he was referring to Doctor Ronny Jackson. But he said, Doctor Ronny Johnson,” he added.

Kinzinger then said: “Yeah, I mean, this look, his brain is broken.”

“The difference is, he does it more energetically. And, you know, I think it’s completely an unfair comparison, but right now, you know, Joe Biden looks a lot more low energy than Donald Trump and that’s Donald Trump’s advantage,” he continued.

“But these videos, I mean,



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