Actress Minnie Driver: ‘How Could Americans Be So Stupid to Vote for a Felon — Trump Deserves to Be in Prison’ – EVOL

Actress Minnie Driver has sparked controversy by insulting Trump supporters, suggesting they “really quite like a bit of a racist attitude” in their chosen candidate. Additionally, she dissed America’s founding fathers, asserting that there should have been some “mothers” involved in the creation of the country.

In an interview with The Times on Saturday, “Good Will Hunting” star Minnie Driver expressed her views on Trump and his tens of millions of supporters.

Driver spoke about the “revelation of the 70 million people who really quite like a bit of a racist attitude and non-existent immigration policies and dismantling the environmental agencies.”

“They were always there,” she added. “They weren’t created by him. He’s just a symptom, and now they’ve got a mascot.”

Driver, a British-born actress who obtained U.S. citizenship in 2017, stated that she believes Trump belongs in jail.

“Of course he deserves to be in prison — of course he does,” she stated.

“But just looking at how much money he raised in that two days, $53 million in a 48-hour period, and the idea that because the founding fathers — if there had been some mothers involved, perhaps it would be different — left no room in



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