‘99% Scientific Consensus’ on Climate Change Exposed as Hoax

A new study has exposed the long-promoted claim, that there’s a “99 percent scientific consensus” on climate change, to be a hoax.

The invented political notion is that 99% of climate scientists believe humans have caused all or most recent global warming.

But this false narrative has just been dealt another significant blow.

A group of Israeli scientists has examined the widely-publicised claim by climate activist Mark Lynas that there is a 99% “consensus” that humans cause most warming.

Led by Yonatan Dubi, Professor of Chemistry and Physics at Ben Gurion University, the scientists found that massive flaws and biases riddled the Lynas’ work, implying the conclusions of the study do not follow from the data.

This work matters. The claims of a 99% consensus, along with an earlier 97% figure, are widely used in political and media circles to shut down debate over anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

Sceptical scientists – even those as distinguished as last year’s Nobel Physics Prize winner Dr. John Clauser – can be dismissed as cranks and deniers.

Of course, consensus is not proof, which is notably lacking in the model-driven climate science field.

However, the Israeli authors observe a consensus claim is “influential in



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