30 Years Wiped from Life Expectancy of Covid-Vaxxed – EVOL

A bombshell new study has revealed that people “vaccinated” with two or more doses of Covid mRNA shots have lost a stomach-churning 30 years from their life expectancy.

New research published in the journal Microorganisms reveals that one of the health consequences of getting “vaccinated” for Covid is a 37 percent loss of life expectancy.

According to the dataset used for the study, the average age of a man is around 80 years if he’s unvaxxed.

37 percent of an 80-year-old’s life equates to 29.6 years.

This means 30-year-olds who received two or more shots can now expect to live to around 50.

The paper, called “A Critical Analysis of All-Cause Deaths during COVID-19 Vaccination in an Italian Province,” examines death rates among different groups of people, including unvaccinated, one-dose injected, two-dose injected, and three- or more-dose injected.

Those who get the most shots are the most likely to die, is the short of it.

People who get jabbed with two doses of a COVID shot – most “fully vaccinated” Americans took one of the two-dose mRNA (modRNA) injection series from either Pfizer and BioNTech or Moderna – are 137 percent more likely than the unvaccinated to die within 739 days post-jab.



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