16 Female Athletes Sue NCAA for Allowing Men to Compete in Women’s Sports – EVOL

This article originally appeared on ZeroHedge and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Tyler Durden

In the latest attack on transgender madness in women’s sports, former University of Kentucky Wildcats swimmer Riley Gaines and 15 other female athletes have filed suit against the NCAA alleging violations of federal Title IX law arising from its insertion of man-to-woman transgender athletes into women’s competition. 

“The NCAA’s most basic job is to protect the fairness and safety of competition, but instead the NCAA…continues to openly discriminate against women,” Gaines told The Free Press.

Much of the complaint centers on what women experienced at the 2022 national swimming championships. Infamously, man-to-woman transgender Penn Quaker Lia Thomas was not only allowed to compete against women, but was also given use of the women’s locker room — as described in this excerpt from the 156-page complaint

The first time most of the Plaintiffs became aware of Thomas’ access to the women’s locker rooms and restrooms…was: (1) when Thomas walked in on them while they were fully naked or in a state of substantial undress….(2) when they unwittingly walked in on Thomas and observed Thomas undressed with male genitalia exposed…or (3) when Thomas undressed in front of them

NC State Wolfpack swimmer Kylee Alons chose to



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